Quiz! Welcome to Friday Night Pub Quiz #6, where you can test your music knowledge about rock’n’roll, from its roots in the early 20th century to punk rock in the mid-1970s. The background to the answers can be found in my book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled.

The quiz questions vary in difficulty and each week features a specialist topic. This week it’s bass guitarists.


1.Which British rock’n’roll star was Halfway to Paradise in 1961?

2.Which was the first record label that the Sex pistols signed up to?

3.Which US TV show famously censored the Rolling Stones from spending the night together, to spending some time together?

4.Which band did Eric Clapton leave to form Cream?

5.Who wrote the R&B classics Pretty Thing and Road Runner?

6.Which producer links John Lennon’s Instant Karma, Leonard Cohen’s Death of a Ladies Man and the Ramones’ End of the Century?

7.Who was the famous country music star who played bass guitar on Buddy Holly’s final tour?

8.What was the Kinks first UK hit single?

9.Who saved Mott the Hoople from splitting up in 1972?

10.On which UK railway station did Paul Simon famously write Homeward Bound in 1965?

11.Which legendary country family did Johnny Cash become a part of when he married June?

12.Which punk group spawned the Clash and the Damned?

And for the hardcore fans out there…

1.What is Bo Diddley’s signature rhythm known as?

2.Where was Bob Dylan’s bootleg album Live at the Albert Hall 1966 actually recorded?

3.Who was Jon Landau talking about in 1974, when he “saw rock and roll future and its name is…”?

This week’s specialist subject – bass guitarists

    1.When Paul McCartney became the Beatles’ bass guitarist, who did he replace?

    2.Whose bass guitarist was nicknamed “The Ox”?

    3.Who was the bass player in Brian Jones’s Rollin’ Stones, who went on to be the guitar-playing founding member of the Pretty Things?

    4.Who was the bassist who played on all five of Elvis Presley’s Sun singles?

    And for hardcore fans…

    1.Who is “the Tailor” referred to on Jack Bruce’s album Songs for a Tailor?

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