Welcome to Friday Night Pub Quiz #3, where you can test your music knowledge about rock’n’roll, from its roots in the early 20th century to punk rock in the mid-1970s. The background to the answers can be found in my book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled.

The questions vary in difficulty and each week features a specialist topic. This week it’s The Rolling Stones.


    1.The Who’s Tommy “sure played a mean …”?
    2.Which 1960s R&B band morphed into Led Zeppelin?
    3.Which legendary bluesman’s real name is McKinley Morganfield?
    4.Which three record labels were the Sex Pistols signed up to?
    5.What was the band’s full name before they shortened it to Dr Hook?
    6.Which street was Bob Dylan “positive” about?
    7.Which Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song was written as a result of four students being shot dead at a Vietnam War protest in 1970?
    8.Who links Strawbs, Yes and David Bowie’s Space Oddity?
    9.Which song links Eddie Cochran and the Who?
    10.Who was the drummer who left Jefferson Airplane to set up Moby Grape?
    11.Who was the rock’n’roll icon that found God in 1957 and renounced rock’n’roll?
    12.In which decade did Elvis make his first appearance in Las Vegas?

And for the hardcore fans out there…

    1.Which four rock’n’roll heroes made up the Million Dollar Quartet?
    2.Which Canadian pop star wrote the English lyrics to My Way?
    3.Which English beat poet inspired the Beatles’ song Paperback Writer?

This week’s specialist subject – The Rolling Stones

    1.Who wrote and originally recorded the Stones first UK hit, Come On?
    2.Who are the three guitarists who have played alongside Keith Richard?
    3.Which one of the Rolling Stones is accredited with forming the band?
    4.Which legendary bluesman’s 1950 single did the Rolling Stones take their name from?

And for hardcore fans…

    1.Who was the original pianist and sixth Stone?
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