These Who Extractss are taken from Rock’n’Roll Unravelled.

This is how the band came together…

Before the Detours: Pete Townshend and John Entwistle:
…The Confederates – trad jazz band c.1959:
John Entwistle: French horn and trumpet
Pete Townshend: banjo

…The Scorpions:
John Entwistle: bass – left in mid-1961 to join Daltrey in the Detours
Pete Townshend: guitar – left in 1962 to join the Detours

The Detours
Daltrey was in the Detours before the others joined – by late 1963 the band was:
Roger Daltrey: guitar and vocals
John Entwistle: bass – joined in mid-1961
Pete Townshend: guitar – joined in 1962
Doug Sandom: drums – joined in mid-1962

22 Dec 1963: Detours opened for the Rolling Stones… Daltrey – Entwistle – Townshend – and drummer Doug Sandom
…Townshend’s swinging-arm style reputedly started here

The Detours changed their name to “The Who”
Doug Sandom played a handful of gigs as “The Who” before being replaced by Keith Moon.

Keith Moon – before he joined the Who
25 Jun 1962: Moon asked Screaming Lord Sutch’s drummer Carlo Little for drumming lessons
5 Sep 1962: Keith Moon auditioned for BBC Radio with Mark Twain and the Strangers – they failed
… Moon went on to join the Beachcombers: he left to replace Doug Sandom in the Who in early May 1964

The Who
9 Apr 1964: unsuccessful auditions for Fontana and BBC Radio… the Fontana audition was with Chris Parmenter – he was unimpressed with Sandom
13 Apr 1964: drummer Doug Sandom’s last gig
30 Apr 1964: Keith Moon’s audition as drummer… he played Road Runner – penned by Bo Diddley and a single from him in 1960
5 May 1964: 2nd audition for Fontana – once again with Chris Parmenter…
Keith Moon was now established as the Who’s drummer

The band become the “High Numbers” for one single, Zoot Suit c/w I’m the Face before finally settling on “The Who”.

The Who extracts: To be continued…