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Doo Wop Hour Listen with Lara Radio Wey

Doo Wop Hour Listen with Lara Radio Wey Derek Shelmerdine, author of Rock’n’Roll Unravelled, is a guest on Lara McNamee’s Listen with Lara show, this week’s topic is the fabulous doo wop music of the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s. Derek will be talking to Lara about the history of doo wop and some…

ALL Radio Appearances Past and Future

ALL RADIO APPEARANCES – PAST AND FUTURE This is a summary of all of Derek Shelmerdine’s radio appearances. Follow the links for details of all of these radio appearances: the podcasts, associated blogs and extended playlists. The radio shows are mostly based around the content of his book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled, which tells the story of…

About RocknRoll Unravelled Radio Wey

Radio Wey (UK – Chertsey, Surrey) Radio Wey Jon Andrews – Brunchtime Breakfast: Monday Morning, 9.00 am – noon (UK) 15 May 2017: I talked to john about Rock’n’Roll Unravelled and the music of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. For all of Derek Shelmerdine‘s appearances on all radio stations