Summer of Love 1967

Summer of Love 1967

Summer of Love 1967 – 50th Anniversary, recorded in conversation with Dave Roberts on his Music for Grown Ups, Thursday 8 June, 8.20 pm (UK) on Meridian FM

Wow! How the time flies by. This is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.
It was a time of great optimism, when the youth of the day thought that they were going to change the world… A time of peace, love and hippies, with San Francisco as the centre of the universe. The Beatles released their legendary Sgt Pepper album and, in 1967, the world of rock’nroll welcomed debut albums from: The Doors, Velvet Underground, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen. the Vietnam War was at its height. Rock festivals arrived in a big way with Monterey, which led to one of the most incongruous tours in rock’n’roll history – The Jimi Hendrix Experience opened for The Monkees!

Most of the information for this show is taken from my book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled. If you would like more background to these stories – they’re in the book!

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