List of extracts taken from Rock’n’Roll Unravelled

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The unique three-part structure of Derek Shelmerdine‘s Rock’n’Roll Unravelled paints a vivid picture of rock’n’roll, from its roots to mid-1970s punk. This page provides extracts taken directly from the pages of Rock’n’Roll Unravelled.

The Three Sections

    Part 1: Timeline

    The Timeline takes all of the entries in Part 2 What Happened Today? and puts them into chronological order. This provides context and also answers the question “I wonder what else was happening when…?”

    As an example of this, we can see that when the Beatles released Love Me Do in the UK on 5 October 1962: Keith Moon’s band, Mark Twain and the Strangers, had just failed an audition for BBC Radio; Little Richard was in the UK on his rock’n’roll comeback tour; the Everly Brothers were about to embark on a 1-brother tour of the UK; the Rolling Stones were making their first-ever recordings (Bill Wyman joined slightly later); and the world stood on the brink of World War III…
    Sep 5 Mark Twain and the Strangers with Keith Moon auditioned for BBC Radio – they failed
    Sep 11 Beatles 3rd Love Me Do recording session – Andy White drums and Ringo tambourine
    Oct 5 Beatles released their British debut single, Love Me Do c/w PS I Love You (UK-1)
    Oct 12 Little Richard’s UK rock’n’roll comeback tour – supported by the Beatles
    Oct 13 single brother UK Everly Brothers tour
    Oct 17 COLD WAR: the Cuban Missile Crisis started to unfold…
    …the world stood on the brink of World War III
    Oct 27 Rolling Stones’ 1st recording session – demo recording at Curly Clayton’s studio
    Oct 30 Beatles’ 4th Hamburg trip – same bill as Little Richard – met Billy Preston
    Oct 31 Joni Mitchell’s 1st paid gig
    Nov 26 Beatles recorded Please Please Me – 1st ‘true’ Beatles recording session
    Dec 7 Bill Wyman auditioned as bass player for the Rolling Stones
    Dec 14 Bob Dylan released 1st single, Mixed-Up Confusion (US) – withdrawn shortly afterwards

    Part 3: Pocket Histories

    Pocket Histories takes all of the entries in Part 2 What Happened Today? and consolidates them to provide histories for all of the bands, artists and events.

    As an example, Pink Floyd
    The road to Pink Floyd, how they all came together
    Birthdays for the band
    All of the items for Pink Floyd