What people are saying...

What people are saying…


“it’s clear that Shelmerdine has made a painstaking effort to document pretty much every event that would prove significant in shaping popular music…
Shelmerdine has produced a comprehensive guide that’ll prove invaluable to anybody with an unhealthy interest in music’s minutiae. That’ll be the RC reader then.”
Jamie Atkins, Record Collector magazine: September 2016 review
Website: Record Collector magazine

“You can trace the roads we’ve traveled
Here in Rock And Roll Unravelled!
Well researched and informative as hell!”
Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook)
Website: Dennis Locorriere

“Solid informative read. A labour of love to write and huge pleasure to read.”
Mark Wynter, hit singer and actor
Website: Mark Wynter

“It’s a great book for all fans of rock’n’roll music.”
John Challis – aka Boycie from the Only Fools and Horses TV show
Twitter: @Being Boycie

“Seven years of hard work have produced the book that no one interested in popular music should be without….simply superb.”
Dave Roberts, host of Music for Grown Ups on 107 Meridian FM
Website: 107 Meridian FM

“It’s more than just a book on rock’n’roll. It’s history.”
John Lebang, syndicated radio talk show host
Website: John Lebang

“An invaluable reference to all the facts of popular music. A must for all music fans that will enhance your knowledge.”
Ian Woolley – Quiz Britain
Website: Quiz Britain

“A fascinating read and a very interesting way of looking at a well-trodden story. I particularly like the ‘Timeline’, lots of new, interesting tales and facts.”
Jon Keats, Cavern Club Director
Website: Cavern Club

“I loved it and read it from cover to cover as soon as I opened it! Packed with facts and info I couldn’t put it down. I can also remember a lot of the events in it so it was like stepping back in time.”
Anne Lambert, host of Anne’s Rock Show on EGH Radio
Website: EGH Radio

“This is a book for serious music lovers and there are real nuggets here, such as the time Bo Diddley ‘went off script’ on a US TV show and was never invited back. I also found it fascinating to know that the first time Led Zeppelin played together was when recording the PJ Proby LP Three Week Hero.”
Team Leader ~ Official Billy Fury Fan Club and Editor, Sound of Fury Magazine
Website: The Sound of Fury

“If you want the complete history of Rock ‘n’ Roll at your finger tips, then this is the book for you.
For all music lovers alike, this dossier covers the people and events based around the genre and more. Great for history and facts at a flick of a page, which shows just how much hard work has gone into this. A fascinating read that’s well worth the price.”
Susanne Taggart ~ The Saturday Hop Radio Show
Website: The Saturday Hop