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Pink Floyd Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996

1943 Jul 28: Rick Wright: keyboardist, born in Hatch End, London…
…formed Zee in 1984

1943 Sep 6: Roger Waters: bassist, singer and songwriter, born in Great Bookham, Surrey…
…after an acrimonious split with the band he followed a solo career

1944 Jan 27: Nick Mason: drummer, born in Birmingham, England

1946 Jan 6: Syd Barrett: guitarist, singer and songwriter, born in Cambridge, England…
…after leaving the band for a solo career he formed the short-lived Stars

1946 Mar 6: David Gilmour: guitarist and singer, born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire…
…replaced Syd Barrett in 1968

Sigma 6
Rick Wright – Roger Waters – Nick Mason

Rick Wright – Roger Waters – Nick Mason

The Abdabs: sometimes, The Screaming Abdabs or The Architectural Abdabs
Rick Wright – Roger Waters – Nick Mason – Bob Klose – Syd Barrett
Bob Klose probably played in some or all incarnations of the Abdabs
Syd Barrett probably joined during the latter days of the Abdabs
…the group’s name changed frequently, before settling on “The Tea Set”

The Tea Set
Rick Wright – Roger Waters – Nick Mason – Bob Klose – Syd Barrett

The Pink Floyd Sound
Rick Wright – Roger Waters – Nick Mason – Bob Klose – Syd Barrett…
…Bob Klose: lead guitar
…when Bob Klose left, Syd Barrett took over lead guitar

Pink Floyd, original lineup:
Rick Wright: keyboards – sacked during the recording of The Wall
Roger Waters: bass, vocals and songwriter
Nick Mason: drums
Syd Barrett: original guitarist, singer and main songwriter
…band’s name inspired by two bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council
…Syd Barrett was replaced by David Gilmour in early 1968
…Roger Waters became the main songwriter after Barrett left

David Gilmour followed a different route into Pink Floyd, bands included:
Jokers Wild – Flowers – Bullitt

1966 Oct 11: performed at the it (International Times) launch party at the Roundhouse

1966 Oct 14: early ‘underground’ concert

1967 Feb 27: recorded Arnold Layne – released as their 1st single – written by Syd Barrett

1967 Apr 29: performed at the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream

1967 May 23: recorded their 2nd single, See Emily Play – written by Syd Barrett

1967 Aug 5: released 1st album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn (UK) – mostly written by Barrett…
Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk was the only Waters penned song

1967 Nov 4: concert debut to open their disastrous 1st American tour…
…Syd Barrett’s behaviour was becoming increasingly erratic

1967 Nov 14: UK tour supporting Jimi Hendrix…
…Syd Barrett replaced on stage at times by Nice’s David O’List

1967 Nov 18: released their 3rd and last Barrett penned single, Apples and Oranges (UK)

1967 Dec 22: performed at the Christmas on Earth Continued concert – last major gig with Syd

1968 Apr 6: goodbye Syd Barrett – hello David Gilmour…
…leadership and songwriting moved from Syd Barrett to Roger Waters

1968 Jun 29: released A Saucerful of Secrets (UK) – input from Syd Barrett and Dave Gilmour

1969 Oct 25: released their 4th album, Ummagumma (UK) – an album side from each musician

1970 Jan 3: Syd Barrett released his 1st solo album, The Madcap Laughs (UK)…
…featured Roger Waters and David Gilmour

1970 Jul 11: played at the Tivoli Pop Festival in Germany

1972 Feb 17: press debut concert of Dark Side of the Moon – a year before the album’s release

1973 Mar 24: released Dark Side of the Moon (UK) – 1st album with all tracks by Roger Waters

1973 Oct 4: recording session for the aborted album Household Objects

1975 Jun 5: recording session for Shine on You Crazy Diamond – last contact with Syd Barrett

1975 Sep 15 released Wish You Were Here (UK)…
…guest appearance from Roy Harper on the vocals for Have a Cigar

1976 Dec 3: pigs on the wing over Battersea Power Station

1977 Jul 6: Roger Waters spat in a fan’s face at a gig in Montreal – and The Wall was born

1980 Feb 7: 1st concert performance of The Wall
…Surrogate Band included:
Snowy White: guitar – 1980 concerts
Andy Bown: bass – 1980 and 1981 concerts
Andy Roberts: guitar – 1981 concerts
…Richard Wright had been sacked from the band and was now on the payroll

1981 Jun 17: last performance of The Wall – Roger Waters’s last concert with Pink Floyd

1983 Mar 21: released The Final Cut (UK) – last album to include Roger Waters…
…Rick Wright was not involved in the project

1999 Dec 14: Paul McCartney appeared at the Cavern – backed by David Gilmour and Ian Paice

2005 Jul 2: Pigs did fly! Pink Floyd and Roger Waters reunited on stage – 1st time in 24 years