John Lebang Show July

John Lebang Show July

John Lebang Show July, airs first on 30 July 2017: 8.00 pm EDT on Alien X Radio
It is then syndicated on radio stations across America and the UK every day for the following week.

On the last Sunday of every month, author of Rock’n’Roll Unravelled, Derek Shelmerdine joins host John Lebang to talk about what artists and bands were up to around this time in the 1960s and ’70s, and where you can see them NOW on their latest tours.

The stories are all based on information in Derek’s book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled, which tells the story of rock’n’roll from its roots to mid-1970s punk. If you want more detail about the events on the show – IT’S ALL IN THE BOOK. TO BUY Rock’n’Roll Unravelled

This month we’ll be taking a look at the exploits of: The Rolling Stones; Cream and Eric Clapton; Frank Zappa’s collaborations with The Animals, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad; and Queen. Stories about the bands from the 1960s and ’70s, and where you can find these guys NOW on the road.
The links to all of the artists and bands’ tours are provided below, with links to their official websites, which provide details of tour dates and venues.

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The John Lebang Show July is originally broadcast on Detroit’s Alien X Radio on Sunday at 8.00 pm. It is then broadcast again every day the following week, when it is syndicated across 17 different radio stations in America and the UK.
Details for all of these radio stations and timings can be found below.

What they were up to in the 1960s and ’70s + Tour Information
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    Happy birthdays to Mick Jagger, born on 26 July 1943 and Ian Stewart, born on 18 July 1938. Pianist Ian Stewart was the first “Rolling Stone” to join up with founding member Brian Jones.

    12 July 1962 First time the band performed as “Rollin’ Stones”
    They substituted for Alexis Korner at London’s Marquee Club, with the lineup: Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richard and Dick Taylor (who went on to form Pretty Things). The jury’s still out as to who played drums on that day, Mick Avory (later with the Kinks) or Tony Chapman. Listen to the show to find out what went down…

    28 July 1966 Brian Jones’s last gig in America.
    At a gig in Honolulu.

    5 July 1969 Free concert in London’s Hyde Park
    The first gig with new guitarist Mick Taylor. Brian had been sacked from the band a few weeks earlier. Sadly, Brian died in mysterious circumstances a couple of days before this Stones gig.

    The macabre 27 Club
    3 July 1969 Brian Jones died. 3 July 1971 Jim Morrison (The Doors’ frontman) died. 16 August 1938 Iconic bluesman Robert Johnson died. Legend has it that he sold his soul to the devil, “at the crossroads”. They all died at the age of 27.

    1 August 1964 The Rolling Stones’ Tell Me was their first single to enter the Billboard charts.

    18 August 1967 The Rolling Stones released We Love You c/w Dandelion in the UK.
    Dandelion was the hit in America. We Love You was the UK hit and featured John Lennon and Paul McCartney on backing vocals.

    3 August 1970 Mick Jagger’s first movie, Performance was released in America.
    Filmed in 1968, the posters advertised the movie as being about, “madness…sanity…fantasy…reality…sensuality…death…life, vice and versa”.

    THE ROLLING STONES ON TOUR – The No Filter tour
    Europe and Scandinavia…..9 September to 25 October
    The Rolling Stones: tour dates and venues


    31 July 1966 Cream’s official debut concert.
    Debut concert at the 6th National Jazz and Blues Festival in Windsor, south east England.

    Cream was: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker

    24 August 1969 Eric Clapton: Blind Faith’s final gig, in Hawaii
    After leaving Cream, Eric Clapton formed the short-lived Blind Faith. Their debut gig and only appearance in the UK was in London’s Hyde Park on 7 June.

    29 August 1969 Jack Bruce: released his first solo album, Songs for a Tailor.
    The “Tailor” in the title referred to Jeannie Franklin a.k.a. “Genie the Tailor”. She had designed many of Cream’s stage outfits. Sadly, Jeannie died when Fairport Convention’s tour bus crashed whilst returning from a gig in central England.

    19 August 1939 Happy birthday Ginger Baker.
    Ginger was a member of both Cream and Blind Faith.

    Madison Square Garden, New York…..September 7 and 8
    The Forum, Inglewood CA…..September 15 and 16


    4 July 1966 Animals recording session for their album Animalism
    Frank arranged two tracks on the album, his own composition All Night Long and Fred Neil’s The Other Side of This Life. He probably played guitar on the former and bass on the latter.

    28 July 1969 Notorious Edgewater Inn Mud Shark Incident
    After playing at the Seattle Pop Festival the band were staying at the Edgewater Inn. The hotel was set on a pier and fishing was encouraged from the hotel windows. An evening of groupies and mud sharks as makeshift sex toys followed… for the whole story listen to the show.
    The link with Frank Zappa is not so much a collaboration but more a corroboration of the Mud Shark Incident, with the track Mud Shark on his album Fillmore East June 1971

    9 August 1976 Released their album Good Singin’ Good Playin
    Frank Zappa produced the album. The band split up shortly after it was released.

    1 August 1964 Opened his first recording studio in Cucamonga.
    20 August 1969 Disbanded the original Mothers of Invention.

    Switzerland and USA…..3 September to 24 November
    The Animals: tour dates and venues

    USA…..4 August to 16 March 2018
    Grand Funk Railroad: tour dates and venues


    23 August 1969 Freddie Mercury’s first gig with Ibex.
    He played onstage for the first time with Brian May and Roger Taylor a couple of weeks later, at the Sink Club in Liverpool.

    2 July 1971 The classic lineup’s debut concert at Surrey College.
    John Deacon replaced the original bass player Mike Gross.

    13 July 1973 released their debut album, Queen

    19 July 1947 Happy Birthday Brian May.

    With singer Adam Lambert
    USA, Europe and the UK…..31 July to 16 December
    Queen with Adam Lambert: tour dates and venues

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