Jimi Hendrix Extracts

Jimi Hendrix Extracts

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The following extracts are taken from the pages of Rock’n’Roll Unravelled and build up to tell the story of Jimi Hendrix. There are only a few extracts here, to give a flavour of his story; the book has a far more comprehensive coverage.
(An * with a date indicates an associated story in Rock’n’Roll Unravelled, that story might not appear here.)

Jimi Hendrix Extracts Taken from Rock’n’Roll Unravelled

    25 February 1968: Jimi Hendrix met the Plaster Casters of Chicago

    The Plaster Casters of Chicago had a stimulating meeting with Jimi Hendrix in his hotel room at the Chicago Hilton and added #00004 to their collection of rock stars’ appendages. At the time of writing, this particular piece of art was on sale, in an edition of 30, for $2,000.

    Hendrix’s encounter was one of the early outings for Cynthia Plaster Caster. Similar plaster casts were obtained for a host of rock stars, including the Young Rascals’ Eddie Brigati, Canned Heat’s Harvey Mandel and the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Zal Yanovsky.