Welcome to this very special edition of the Friday Night Pub Quiz. It gives the 20 questions posed at the launch of Rock’n’Roll Unravelled at the Cavern Club in Liverpool on 1 June 2016.

All of the answers can be found in my book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled and all of these questions were answered during the presentation at the book launch.


1.Who is accredited with coining the expression “rock’n’roll”?

2.What is generally accepted to be the 1st rock’n’roll record?

3.Which 1955 movie kick-started rock’n’roll?

4.Which decade did Elvis Presley make his 1st appearance in Las Vegas?

5.In Alabama in 1955, who refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white passenger?

6.Whose rock’n’roll career ended after he married his cousin’s thirteen-year-old daughter?

7.Which year did the Cavern Club open?

8.Which year did the British Invasion begin?

9.Where was the Beatles’ last ever concert performance?

10.Why did Ginger Baker play on the B-side of the Who’s Substitute?

11.Whose American trip in his bus, Further, inspired the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour?

12.Which British politician sued the Move over promo materials for Flowers in the Rain?

13.Which 1968 song is accredited with using the term “heavy metal” for the 1st time?

14.What was the title of Elvis Presley’s last movie as an actor?

15.Which London pub-rock band flew journalists to New York for a concert?

16.How many US military personnel served in the Vietnam War?

17.What was the inspiration for Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water?

18.Which bootleg album captured Lennon and McCartney’s last performance togther?

19.Which band had the 1st UK punk single and punk album?

20.On which 1976 TV show did the Sex Pistols shock the nation?

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