Welcome to Friday Night Pub Quiz #2, where you can test your music knowledge about rock’n’roll, from its roots in the early 20th century to punk rock in the mid-1970s. The background to the answers can be found in my book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled.

The questions vary in difficulty and each week features a specialist topic. This week it’s the Blues.

1.What colour was Donovan in 1967?
2.Who replaced Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones?
3.Who do the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Slade have in common?
4.Which Liverpool group’s first three singles entered the charts at #1 in 1963?
5.Who recorded the original version of the Stereophonics cover of Handbags and Gladrags?
6.Which movie famously featured Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock over its opening credits?
7.Which 1960s UK TV show announced that “The weekend starts here!”?
8.Who links Free, Bad Company and Queen?
9.Which vocal group had the same lineup for 43 years?
10.Which skiffle legend replaced Jerry Lee Lewis on his disastrous 1958 UK tour?
11.Who was on the Eve of Destruction in 1965?
12.In which year was the legendary Woodstock festival held?

And for the hardcore fans out there…
1.What was the inspiration for the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour?
2.Which legendary country singer was known as the “Singing Brakeman”?
3.Which year was the Everly Brothers tour of the UK with just one brother?

This week’s specialist subject – Blues
1.Which bluesman sometimes went by the name of “Little Boy Blue”?
2.Which Led Zeppelin song attracted a lawsuit from Howlin’ Wolf for plagiarism?
3.Which instrument did Willie Dixon play?
4.Which legendary singer co-funded the headstone for Bessie Smith’s grave in 1970?

And for hardcore fans…
1.What were the two venues where Robert Johnson held his only two recording sessions?

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