Welcome to this Elvis Special edition of the Friday Night Pub Quiz.

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The background to all of these questions can be found in my book Rock’n’Roll Unravelled.


1.Where was Elvis born?

2.What was Elvis’s 1st single on Sun Records?

3.Who was the Memphis DJ that famously played That’s All Right for the first time, repeatedly on his show Red Hot and Blue on Radio WHBQ?

4.Who were the two musicians credited on all five of Elvis’s Sun singles?

5.Who was Elvis’s 1st manager? (before Col Parker)

6.What was Elvis’s 1st single on RCA?

7.Who wrote and recorded the original version of Blue Suede Shoes?

8.What was the name of Elvis’s 1st movie?

9.Which TV show censored Elvis’s performance so that it was only seen “above the hips”?

10.Elvis’s draft into the US Army was delayed so that he could finish filming which of his movies?

11.What rank did Elvis achieve in the US Army?

12.What was Elvis’s 1st single after leaving the Army?

13.Which year was Elvis’s TV Comeback Special?

14.What was the title of Elvis’s last movie as an actor?

15.What did Elvis give President Nixon as a present when they met in 1970?

16.What was the classical music piece that Elvis used to make his stage entrances to in Las Vegas from 1971?

17.What was the subject of the movie that Elvis abandoned in 1974?

18.Which country in the UK was to only one to have been visited by Elvis – Officially?

19.Which was only country that Elvis performed in, apart from the USA?

20.In which year did Elvis die?

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