The Brian Casser Story

The Brian Casser Story

10 April: The Brian Casser Story and The Big Three

Brian Casser was one of the true Merseybeat pioneers. As well as being the Cass, in Cass and the Cassanovas, he had links to: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Manfred Mann and Chris Farlow. When Cass and the Cassanovas folded at the end of 1960, Brian went down to London to try his luck there. The remaining guys stayed in Liverpool and changed their name to The Big Three.

The Big Three was one of the most respected bands of the Merseybeat era. They had a very powerful stage act but never really captured their stage magic on record. The were managed briefly by Brian Epstein and released a handful of singles but never found the fame they so richly deserved.

To listen to the complete show again The conversation with Derek Shelmerdine starts at 36 min 16 sec.

The video below is the conversation with Derek Shelmerdine, about Brian Casser and The Big Three.

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