Birth of Rock Music 1965 - 1969

Birth of Rock Music 1965 – 1969

12 April 2017: The Birth of Rock Music 1965-1969
Derek Shelmerdine in conversation with Paul Dupree on his Transmission show:

Towards the end of 1965 and the beginning of 1966, beat music began morphing into rock music.

Rock’n’roll was beginning to come of age as the music took on a much harder edge and became far more sophisticated. Blues-based bands such as Cream and The Doors delivered a whole new interpretation of blues and R&B classics, as well as their own compositions. Psychedelic rock emerged with Pink Floyd, 13th Floor Elevators and others, where live performances used music accompanied by light shows and sound effects, to simulate the experience of hallucinogenic drugs. By the end of the decade rock groups were performing with full symphony orchestras. It was a time of change…

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