Andrew Loog Oldham Story

Andrew Loog Oldham Story

The Andrew Loog Oldham Story, recorded in conversation with Dave Roberts on his Music for Grown Ups, Thursday 5 October, 8.20 pm (UK) on Meridian FM

The Andrew Loog Oldham story is one of the cornerstones of 1960s rock’n’roll. He started off in the 1960s fashion world in London and formed his own PR company to promote records and bands, before taking over the management of the Rolling Stones in the early summer of 1963. Then in 1965 he set up his independent record label, Immediate. He formed a business relationship with Allen Klein for joint management of the Rolling Stones and sold his share to Klein after falling out with the Stones in 1967. Oldham had owned the Stones back catalogue, now it’s owned by Allen Klein. Immediate went bankrupt in 1970. He moved to Columbia in the 1980s, continues to work with bands and is also a DJ on Stevie van Zant’s Underground Garage radio channel. The show includes some great music from the Rolling Stones, John Mayall and Humble Pie.

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